Keep Your Solar System Well-Maintained

Keep Your Solar System Well-Maintained

Leave your solar panel cleaning task to us

Wondering why you're not seeing the same production results that your solar panels had a couple of months ago? When dirt, debris and grime coat your solar panels, they block the sun's rays and reduce the amount of energy generated by your system. To increase your solar energy production and decrease your electric bill, reach out to EZ Window Cleaning for help.

We'll remove any filth on your panels so they can work at peak efficiency again. All you need to do is call 541-797-4376 now to schedule effective cleaning services from our expert.

Why hire us for your panel cleaning job?

Solar panel cleaning is not a task you should do yourself. Trust us to provide maintenance services that are:

  • Safe - don't risk falling off a ladder or breaking your panels
  • Effective - count on us to remove all the grime that's blocking your solar panels
  • Efficient - take advantage of our experience and high-quality cleaning equipment

For a free estimate on your cleaning project, contact us today.